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How to Know When You Are Having a Panic Attack

Panic Attacks are not fun, especially since the symptoms relate very closely to a heart attack. This eHow article is meant to describe the symptoms and what you can do to control your panic attack to prevent mental stress.

Things You'll Need
A place to relax

1. If you have never had a panic attack before than you are in for quite a traumatic experience. But with guidance and advice about a panic attack you can be rest assured that you can control it and you can make yourself relax within minutes of having one.

2. First, you need to understand the symptoms, which There are many of; but some of the most commons one are:
1. Chest Pain
2. Rapid heart beats or palpitation
3. Feeling nauseous or like you are going to faint
4. Trembling or shaking
5. Fear of dying
6. Feelings of sudden fear that something bad is going to happen

3. The symptoms listed above are also described during a heart attack, but most likely if you are healthy and an EKG or your doctor told you that your heart is fine, then you are fine. During your panic attack you may feel like you are dieing and have the urge to run away from the current situation that brought on your panic attack. This is very scary, but you can control it.

4. A panic attack is brought on by mental stress, not physical stress. Mental stress is the bodies ability to cope with certain situations, which in tests people cannot cope with very well. When you have a panic attack it does not mean that you are mentally unstable it just means that you are stressed and your body is preparing for what could be a dangerous situation.

5. The first tell tale signs of a panic attack coming on is the sudden chest pain directly in the center of your heart, feeling nauseous and your hands or body make shake or tremble. This can last anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes.

6. If you feel the attack coming on the most important thing you can do is stop what you are doing, continue breathing normally as you would, go and sit on a comfortable couch, floor or yoga mat. Sit in yoga meditation style and being breathing. No matter how much fear you begin to feel or if you feel yourself starting to hyperventilate just sit there and remember to breathe.

7. Think to yourself as you breathe, that you are ok, this is just a panic attack because you are stressed. Continue doing this while you raise your arms up and down slowly with your breathing. Raising your arms will help you forget about the tension, fear, anxiety or any anguish you may feel.

8. If you find yourself unable to control yourself during the panic attack then just sit there, if your body wants to cry, let it cry, that happens during a panic attack because of the sudden rush of hormones and the fear of dieing. Do not exert your body in anyway during the panic attack, that will most likely create more fear as your body will continue to release adrenaline.

9. Once you know how your body reacts to a panic attack and what symptoms are started you should immediately begin the relaxation procedure. After each panic attack you have you need to thoroughly write out on a piece of paper of you were doing when you had the attack and what you did 2 days prior to having your attack. Only then will you begin to understand what creates your panic attack.

Tips & Warnings

Severe Panic Attacks can cause mental anguish and can disrupt your daily lifestyle; if they are so severe that you cannot do anything you must seek a doctor immediately.


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